Bosch CCSD-DL Discussion Device with Long Microphone for CCS1000D Conference System


  • Compact, attractive ergonomic design
  • Easily configured
  • Immunity to mobile phone interference
  • Conference Desk Mic with 480mm gooseneck microphone. Can be assigned as a chairman or delegate unit

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Bosch CCSD-DL Discussion Device with Long Microphone for CCS1000D Conference System

The Bosch CCSD DL Conference System Desk Microphone with 480mm gooseneck microphone is compatible with either the Bosch CCSD CU or the CCSD CURD Control Units.

The Bosch CCS1000D Digital Discussion or Conference Systems are compact, easy-to-set-up, and very easy-to-use. Yet provides advanced features and exceptional versatility. Designed especially for quick, plug-and-play installation, it is ideal for small-to-medium-scale fixed meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms as well as for day-to-day mobile and portable applications.

The plug‑and‑play functionality of the Bosch CCSD DL units allows them to be conveniently connected to and removed from the system as required. A power down or restart of the system is not necessary, which ensures fast installation and reconfiguration times. Participants can take part in a discussion by speaking into the microphone and listening to proceedings through loudspeaker built-in to the base or through optional headphones.


The Possible‑to‑Speak white indicator light above the microphone button provides a visual indication when the microphone can be activated. The light turns red when the mic is active.


The Request‑to‑Speak green indicator light above the microphone button and in the head of the microphone indicate when a Request‑to‑Speak has been added to the waiting list. The indicators flash green when the Request‑to‑Speak is next in the waiting list. The light turns red when the mic is active.


The Bosch CCSD DL can be quickly configured as a chairperson device, which enables a user to function as the chairperson at a meeting. No restart of the system is required. During a discussion, the chairperson can press and hold in the priority button to overrule all participant microphones. A chime is sounded to announce that the chairperson is about to speak. All CCSD DL units are supplied with a participant’s microphone button, which can be easily exchanged for a set of chairperson’s buttons (not included). Two sets of chairperson’s buttons and a specific tool for removing the buttons are supplied with each CCSD SD or CCSD CURD Control Unit. To complete the configuration of the Discussion Device, a concealed slide switch at the base of the device has to be set from participant to chairperson.


Each CCSD DL has a built-in Loudspeaker with the volume level for all CCSD DL devices centrally controlled from the Control Unit (either the CCSD CU or CCD CURD) to ensure for optimum intelligibility.


The built‑in 3.5 mm stereo headphones socket enables participants to connect headphones if preferred. Particularly handy in environments with excessive background noise. The headphone volume can be adjusted independently by means of the rotary thumb wheel on the side of each Bosch CCSD DL. To prevent acoustic feedback from headphones to microphone, an option in the web browser interface application can be set to automatically reduce the headphones volume when the microphone is activated.


The fixed microphone with flexible stem can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the user.


  • Unique patent pending possible-to-speak indicator
  • Plug and play functionality for ensuring fast installation and reconfiguration times
  • Compact, attractive ergonomic design
  • Enables participants to speak and listen to the proceedings
  • Can be used either as participant or chairperson device
  • Enables chairperson to mute microphones of participants
  • “Possible-To-Speak” indicator
  • “Request-To-Speak” indicator
  • Cable lock facility
  • GSM immune
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Microphone: with mic-LED indicators, flexible stem (either 38 or 48 cm length)
  • Headphone socket with built-in volume control


Power Consumption:1.3W
Frequency Response:30 Hz to 20 kHz (System electrical)
THD:<0.5 %
S/N:>93 dBA
Sampling rate:44.1 kHz
Headphones Load Impedance:>32 ohms < 1k ohm
Loudspeaker Max. Peak Output Power:4W
Loudspeaker Nominal Output:72 dB SPL
Participants Loudspeaker Frequency Response:200 Hz to 16 kHz (acoustical)
Microphone Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Participants Microphone Frequency Response:125 Hz to 15 kHz
Microphone Nominal Input:85 dB SPL
Dimensions – device without microphone (H x W x D):64 x 203 x 146 mm
Height with Microphone in Horizontal Position:130mm
Length of Microphone from Mounting Surface:480 mm
Weight:Approx. 1 kg
Mounting:Tabletop (portable or fixed)
Material (top):Plastic ABS+PC
Material (base):Metal ZnAl4
Color (top):Traffic black (RAL 9017) matt-gloss
Color (base):Pearl light grey (RAL 9022) matt-gloss
Operating Temperature:0 ºC to +35 ºC (+32 ºF to +95 ºF)
Storage and Transport Temperature:-40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to +158 ºF)

Bosch CCSD-DL Price in Bangladesh

Bosch CCSD-DL Price in Bangladesh

Price: 35,000
Item:Bosch Conference System
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Status:In Stock
Warranty:One Year

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